Industry Professionals

Our team boasts over 60 years of combined experience in both mortgage and banking, complemented by an additional 60 years of combined business operations expertise.

What sets our mentors apart?

Our mentors bring a wealth of experience from diverse roles spanning over a dozen banks and mortgage lenders. From lending auditors to commercial lending managers, their roles cover a broad spectrum. With lending discretion signoffs exceeding a million dollars, they've played pivotal roles in launching some of the country's most successful mortgage lending companies. Additionally, they've served as professional mortgage and banking lecturers, sat on industry association boards, and participated in the corporate speaking circuit.


Why Eden Mentoring?

What truly sets our mentors apart is their ability to earn the confidence of countless potential mortgage borrowers. They excel in advising on the best loans, optimal loan structures, and the most suitable lenders to meet specific needs. They recognize the unique relationships that form between brokers and borrowers, brokers and lenders, and brokers and their aggregators.

Our mentors intimately understand the emotional rollercoaster of waiting for that crucial approval, letter of offer, or valuation report. They've also experienced the unparalleled satisfaction of delivering good news to a customer, such as an approval, and relish in the joy of hearing back from a client years later seeking assistance for their second loan.

"At Eden Mentoring, our mentors not only bring extensive industry knowledge but also a deep understanding of the human side of mortgage brokering. Let us guide you through the intricacies of the industry, providing not just expertise but empathy on your journey to success."

Experienced Business Advisors

At Eden Mentoring, our commitment goes beyond the traditional role of industry mentors. Our seasoned professionals not only understand the dynamics of the mortgage industry but have also personally grappled with the significant decision to start their own businesses. This shared experience sets us apart, as each team member has successfully launched their own ventures, achieving exceptional results.

We don't just mentor; we become your dedicated business consultants and coaches. Leveraging our firsthand experience in small business marketing, business planning, structural organization, cost management, and target market identification, we offer comprehensive guidance tailored to the unique challenges of entrepreneurship.

When you engage with our industry mentors, you're not just gaining mentors—you're gaining partners. We invest in your vision, actively collaborating with you to translate your aspirations into achievements. This involves a strategic combination of your passion and commitment with our knowledge, experience, and unwavering drive to see you succeed.

The Eden Mentoring program, specifically crafted for new mortgage brokers, is more than a mere guide. It's a dynamic curriculum meticulously designed around the latest and proven industry best practices.

At Eden Mentoring, we don't simply adhere to generic industry standards; we tailor and elevate them to align with your specific needs and broker experience. This ensures that every facet of your journey in the mortgage business is supported by insightful guidance, innovative strategies, and an unwavering commitment to your success.